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01. Oktober 2015
International Master (M.Sc.) Global Production Engineering

Global Production Engineering is a full-time four-semester master program exclusively offered in English at the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. The curriculum is designed for outstanding international graduate students seeking to improve their personal competence portfolio in the fields of production, management, engineering, and intercultural communication.
GPE currently offers two majors: Manufacturing and Solar Technology. GPE Manufacturing promotes technical competencies in engineering disciplines, development and management of manufacturing processes and tools, modeling and simulation, quality control and economic evaluation. Special focus is put on sustainable manufacturing tackling challenges concerning energy efficiency, environmentally friendly manufacturing and social responsibility of modern manufacturing sites. Students may design individual qualification profiles from the following module groups: Production, Engineering, Management, Intercultural Communication, Special Profile.
GPE Solar offers comprehensive qualification in the field of renewable technologies with special focus on photovoltaics and solar thermal systems. The program prepares its students for the challenges posed by renewable energy markets. The course of studies is oriented around the requirements in commercial practice and takes all steps of the value-creation process into account – from design and production of components to planning, installation and operation of solar facilities while considering management, financing, law and marketing aspects.


Admission requirements:


  • Bachelor of engineering or equivalent
  • IBt TOEFL score 70 (internet based) 190 (computer based) or equivalent tests
  • At least one year of professional experience.

Termin 01. Oktober 2015

Weitere Informationen Application Deadline March 31, 2015


Beitrag 15500,− € 

Eine Veranstaltung für Students with a bachelor degree in engineering or equivalent and at least one year professional experience

Ansprechpartner Jens Palacios Neffke, M.Sc.
+49 30 314-79879

Weitere Informationen http://www.gpe.tu-berlin.de

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