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08. März 201710. März 2017
Technically assisted rehabilitation – TAR 2017

6th European Conference


Innovative approaches to technically assisted rehabilitation will once again be on the agenda at the TAR 2017 conference. In the near future there will be an increasing demand of patients in need of effective rehabilitation due to a growing number of people suffering from the so-called »diseases of civilisation«. Over the last few years numerous exciting technological innovations have been generated to support the rehabilitation process and to help disabled people in their daily lives. Completely new therapeutic approaches have been integrated into in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation processes in many European countries.

Following the success of previous TAR conferences TAR 2017 will be both: A forum for scientific exchange as well as a place to meet people from academia and industry working with the objective of improving health care, rehabilitation and support in daily life for people in need.

The TAR 2017 main topics are:


  • Assistive Technologies

  • Clinical Trials

  • Functional Electrical Stimulation

  • Human Technology Interaction

  • Movement/Gait: Monitoring and Assessment

  • Neuroprosthetics and Neurotechnology

  • Orthotics

  • Prosthetics

  • Rehabilitation Robotics and Training Systems

  • Virtual and Tele-Rehabilitation


Termin 08. März 201710. März 2017

Veranstaltungsort Production Technology Center Berlin
Pascalstraße 8-9
10587 Berlin

Beitrag 238,− € up to and including 14. February 2017
357,– € starting from 15. February 2017 or later
119,– € for students with student ID

Eine Veranstaltung für Health care and rehabilitation experts from academia and industry

Ansprechpartner Technische Universität Berlin, Innovation Center Technologies for Health and Foods IGE, Regina Leiss
+49 30 314-76810

Weitere Informationen www.tar-conference.eu

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